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06 Nov 2014
06 Nov 2014

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1. First you need to download the latest build of Miranda NG for your system...

  1. Then you need to download and add the IEView plugin for your system to your plugins folder.
    Then activate it in Option, Plugins. You may have to restart Miranda for it to show up.

  2. Install each folder into the skins directory. ie Ieview, Modern contact list & TabSRMM.

  3. For Modern contact list: Options, Skins, Contact list and choose which style you want.

  4. For Ieview: Options, Skins, IEView and under Message Log tab, check Use Templates then browse to the Ieview folder and select the proper .ivt file for the skin you want to use.

  5. Also under Options, Message Sessions, IEView make sure to check the box that says 'Hide window border'

  6. For TabSRMM: Options, Skins, Message Window and select the skin you want to use. Make sure to check the box 'Load this skin on startup'.

  7. Status Icons: Options, Icons, Status Icons, for each Protocol you use Import icons from the Modern contact list skin status icon directory.

  8. Contact list: Options, Contact list, Row items select the Row tab and the order Avatar, Text, Icon, Extra icons, Contact time. Under the Avatar tab uncheck 'Show avatars'. Under Text tab make sure to Left align goup names.

  9. Then just disable what you don't want to see.

  10. In the system tray right click select main menu 'Frames' unselect what you don't want to see.
  11. On an open Message Windows in the Caption bar right click and select Container options There you will find all kinds of items to hide or tweak.

  12. If you have further questions please provide proper details along with a screenshot!

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